Spray Foam Machines For The 

This website is dedicated to the development of smaller portable spray foam machines which can be integrated into existing businesses so that new revenue streams can be created. Because this is a new category of polyurethane spray technology, we believe that it will take a collaborative effort on the part of many stakeholders and industry leaders. It is our desire to use this website as a portal to foster this discussion. Our company, Sealant Technologies, Inc has been at the forefront of this concept since 2010 with their spray foam hybrid technology. 

Low Pressure Spray Foam

The Spray Foam Hybrid LP demonstrates that is it possible to design a simple and affordable low pressure spray foam machine that can use high pressure two component chemical formulations. William Collins headed up the design of this prototype machine which was build by Sealant Technologies, Inc. The goal was to designed, built and tested the Spray Foam Hybrid LP so that we could show how air pneumatic pump technology can provide a spray platform that could fit into an existing contractor business with out breaking the bank. This proportioner allows an operator to apply spray foams, air barriers and even air seal existing residential houses in a very affordable and seamless way. The Spray Foam Hybrid could be that machine that is always ready to operate on a moments notice. 

Look For Hybrid Spray Technology

Bill Collins has specialized in the portable spray foam machine market since 2010. That was the same year that he started Sealant Technologies, Inc which is a spray technology company that was actually born out of a need to " scratch our own itch ". It was back in 2005 when he saw a need to have a small, portable spray foam equipment that would allow us to apply our new sealant into poultry houses. All of the existing spray equipment that was available was large, complicated and expensive and our goal was to be able to go into buildings, fix them and then get out. 

The First Portable Foam Machine
Sold In The 1960's

The first portable spray foam machine that was ever sold was the Gusmer FF-2500. It was a compact, lightweight, air driven proportioner that's was ideal for low output spray and pour applications. The FF-2500 was made by Gusmer especially for plural component polyurethane and polyurea coatings such as truck bed liners and concrete coatings. The Gusmer FF-2500 provided output up to 1 gallon per minute at around 2500 psi and it launched an entire industry which we now know as the high pressure spray foam industry. Unfortunately, that evolution has taken us to a place where spray foam machines and equipment have become capital intensive so it's time to get back to basics and simplify things. 

High Pressure Spray Foam

Sealant Technologies has been developing a simple to use high pressure portable spray foam machine that delivers two component polyurethane formulations simply and affordably. The Spray Foam Hybrid HP allows the operator to apply spray foams, air barriers and even air seal existing residential houses in a very affordable and seamless way. This spray foam hybrid system allows the business to focus on doing what they do best, which is to make money. 

Bill Collins Pitches The Idea