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The Tiny Home Center has dedicated this website to presenting information about portable spray foam machines that apply both high pressure and low pressure spray foam. Yes, you have a lot of choices to choose from but we highly recommend that you look for machines which only apply low pressure spray foam. This website is dedicated to assist you in educating you as to why low pressure spray foam is the right spray technology. 

Future Prototype

The Spray Foam Hybrid prototype is a low pressure portable spray foam machine that can use high pressure spray foam chemicals. This spray technology is everything you need to get your insulating, air sealing and maintenance jobs done quickly, safely and affordably. Also, because of the simplicity of the design, it can be used in the spray foam equipment rental market which opens up many new opportunities for potential business revenue, no matter what business you are working in. 

Hybrid Spray Technology

Sealant Technologies, Inc has specialized in the portable spray foam machine market since 2010. It was back in 2005 that we saw a need to have a small, portable spray foam equipment that would allow us to apply our new sealant into poultry houses. All of the existing spray equipment that was available was large, complicated and expensive and our goal was to be able to go into buildings, fix them and then get out. 

Future Prototype

Because of the characteristics of low pressure SPF, there are many areas where applying low pressure applications has many benefits over applying high pressure applications. Some of these benefits include:

  • Faster re-entry time into existing houses
  • Reduction of up to 80% in over spray.
  • Simple & Flexible Installation
  • Reduced noise and power consumption.
  • Less equipment required

Faster Reentry Times

Because of the low pressure static mix that occurs during the application of Low pressure materials, atomization does not occur and VOC’s do not saturate the air; like they do during the application using high pressure systems. This allows occupants to re-enter the structure only one hour after the spray application has occurred. Also due to the low pressure static mix and no atomization, installers can wear PPE (personal protective equipment) that consists of organic vapor acid gas respirator cartridges. No fresh air pump is required like during the application of High pressure spray foam.

Lower Pressure & Temperatures

Low pressure spray foam application will allow for a reduction of up to 80% in over spray during the application process compared to high pressure spray applications. The process temperature is also lower than high pressure formulations which makes applying low pressure spray formulations in colder climates ideal.

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