Sealant Technologies designs air sealing innovation which is designed specifically for delivering simple solutions to a very complex problem. Our systems combines the power and portability of our patented spray equipment and then integrate this with the right polyurethane chemical. 

The Spray Foam Hybrid is perfect for those who have projects at large complexes and are looking for a way to significantly reduce their energy useage. Whether there is a little or a lot of work, the Spray Foam Hybrid allows anyone to do regular maintenance projects quickly so that the building can be put back into production rapidly. 

The portable spray foam systems which Sealant Technologies designs are for 2.0lb water blown closed cell chemistry and it comes in convenient 5 gal pails which are easy to transport and to dispose of. Closed cell sealants are a good choice where small framing sizes need the greatest R-value per inch possible. Closed cell spray foams are much more dense type of foam than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier as well as a water vapor barrier. It is often used in roofing projects or other outdoor applications, but can be used anywhere in the home.

Open Cell

The open cell spray insulation is 0.5lb water blown and comes also comes in 5 gal pails. Open cell is a type of foam where the tiny cells are not completely closed. open cell is less expensive because it uses less chemicals. It is a very good air barrier, but does not provide any type of water vapor barrier. It is much more sponge like in appearance. It is often used for interior walls because it provides an optimum sound barrier. It is not recommended for outdoor applications.

Closed Cell

The closed cell spray foam 5 gallon buckets because they are easy to transport, manage and dispose of. This air barrier is designed specifically for use by the patent pending Spray Foam Hybrid portable two component spray system. This system is designed specifically for working in existing residential housing retrofit work and is sold exclusively through SealantTech which is our license partner for this  spray technology.