AireBarrier White Spray Sealant controls the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure. Developed by Sealant Technologies Inc, this monolithic air barrier will redefine performance and affordability for this emerging technology. Because AireBarrier uses high density polyurethane sealant technology, the combination of speed and easy application provides a tremendous way to achieve high performance on your project. If air leakage is a major concern for you and your building envelope, then this technology will provide the significant ROI that you are looking for.

AireBarrier in 55 Gallon Drums

Air barriers are made up of a number of materials which are assembled together to provide a complete and total barrier to air leakage. The building enclosure includes all walls, roofs and floors of the building and can include connected parts or separations within a building.

The air barrier systems essentially “wraps” the building shell and ensures that it protects the building from air leakage and its adverse affects. These effects can range from energy, mold, occupant discomfort and more. They can also reduce the life span of a building.

A properly functioning air barrier systems provide a separation against both the air leakage and the diffusion of air caused by weather, wind, stack and mechanical equipment pressures.

AireBarrier in 5 Gallon Pails

So what is an polyurethane sealant? A polyurethane sealant is an elastomeric material that allows for 25% - 50% movement. Sealants are used to fill gaps, to keep water and air at bay, to allow for expansion and contraction of building materials and to enhance aesthetics. Silicone and polyurethane are two popular types of sealants. Despite their common purpose, there are major differences between them.