Sealant Technologies recommends using closed cell foam in 5 gallon buckets because they are easy to transport, manage and dispose of. The closed cell spray foam should operate seamlessly through portable spray foam machine. The integration of the spray equipment and chemicals allows any operator to apply the no heat spray foam easily and affordably which is why we offer the portable spray foam platform. 

This polyurethane sealant is an excellent choice for creating air barriers, sealing ducts and air sealing. Closed cell  chemistry is a much more dense type of foam than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure and it allows for the creation of a self rising air sealants.

A Variety of Polyurethane Foams in 5 Gallon Pails

As a closed cell polyurethane sealant does not include any ozone-depleting blowing agents. Moreover, it is a smarter replacement for chemically-based medium density, closed-cell spray foam insulation products for architects and designers seeking a more environmentally sound option. In addition to its positive environmental footprint, this air sealant is built with a 100% water-blown medium-density closed-cell chemistry. This ground-breaking new product is set to change how the construction industry uses polyurethane chemistry thanks to the product’s superior environmentally responsible formulation and wide residential application possibilities.


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