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All Teflon Coated With Adapter
Only @ $59.00

The Foam Sealants Gun is for the homeowner, craftsman or someone that has a small fix-it project which they want to spray and seal. Have you every thought " boy, I wish I had something that could fix and seal this fast! . Well, now there is an alternative, the Foam Sealants Gun. 

  • All Teflon Coated For Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Light and Easy To Operate
  • Come Complete With Foam Gun Adapter
  • Volume Control For Easy Control

The Foam Gun Adapter allows both the Spray Sealants Gun and the Foam Sealants Gun to draw one component foam out of 10lb or 16lb Canisters which greatly increases your productivity for your next fix and seal project. The adapters are very durable, easy to clean and simple to put together. Also, because of their unique design, they will not leak once they are hand tightened onto the gun. 

Cleaning The Foam Sealants Gun