Low Pressure Spray Foam
Patented Hybrid Technology

The Spray Foam Hybrid LP is a low pressure portable spray foam machine that can use high pressure spray foam chemicals. This spray technology is everything you need to get your insulating, air sealing and maintenance jobs done quickly, safely and affordably. Also, because of the simplicity of the design, it can be used in the spray foam equipment rental market which opens up many new opportunities for potential business revenue, no matter what business you are working in. For additional information, contact us.


Spray Foam Touch-Up
Foam Jacking Concrete
Crawl Space Encapsulation
Sea Wall Restoration
HVAC Duct Insulation
Roof Maintenance Repair
Agriculture Barn Sealing

Sealant Technologies has been developing a simple to use portable spray foam equipment that delivers two component polyurethane formulations simply and affordably. The Spray Foam Hybrid LP allows the operator to apply spray foams, air barriers and even air seal existing residential houses in a very affordable and seamless way. The patented spray foam hybrid technology allows the business to focus on doing what they do best, which is to make money. For additional information, contact us. 

Air Pneumatic Pump

The heartbeat of any productive portable spray foam machine is the pump and the very best pump that you can use is an air pneumatic plural pump.  That is the good news. The bad news?  It is difficult to find a portable spray foam machine that uses this type of pump.

Hopefully that will be changing soon, but if you can’t find a machine that has one, you may think twice about buying that equipment. So why is this type of pump so effective?  The answer to that question lies in it’s simplicity. The air pneumatic plural pump has been around for a long time, but it is used mostly for bigger spray foam machines. Here are just a few reasons why it is perfect for the smaller more portable spray foam machines.

Hybrid Spray Gun

The spray foam gun will cause almost 90% of all of your operational challenges once you get up and running. So what are the features that you should be looking for when you are trying to determine what type of spray gun you should use? 

·      All metal, preferably hardened steel

·      Teflon O-Rings or seals

·      The internal parts should be stainless steel

·      Minimal parts, preferably less than ten

·      Simple enough for a novice to operate

·      Proven track record. Has it been used before?

Cart Design & Function

Remember, the objective here is the look for a portable spray foam machine and we want to emphasize the word “portable”.  We all know that time is money so getting to the location, spraying and then coming home as quick as possible is really what how to make money especially when it comes to smaller projects. So what features should you be looking for when looking at the cart and frame?

Suction Hose Assembly

While this portable spray foam proportioner component may seem simple in concept, for some reason this has been made complicated through the use of transfer pumps, bad piping and the lack of understanding of how hard it is to work with the “A“ side of the chemistry. So once again, what are you looking for when it comes to chemical feed concepts for your future portable spray foam machine?

·      Less is more. Just get the chemicals to the gun

·      Stainless steel for all of the feed parts

·      Few, if any pipe fittings that bend 

·      Cleanable and easy to repair

·      Use gravity to feed the chemicals when possible

Thermal Sleeve & Heating System

The Ballistic Nylon Sidewinder Sleeve is the best material for most portable spray foam machines and for general purpose applications, bundling hydraulic hoses/cables, traditional abrasion protection. The 1050B is widely used in agriculture, construction, oil, gas, forestry and mining applications. This material also is used on CE approved equipment for operator protection in the event of hose failure.

Thermal Hose Sleeve In Snow

If the hose sleeve is designed to protect from heat loss, then this allows the overall design of the spray machine to need less of a capacity to create a lot of heat. This is especially important for small portable spray foam machines. Of course, if the spray machine is applying low pressure spray foam then there is also less of need to heat the chemicals.

Non-Thermal Sleeve In Snow

The concept of heat loss is a very critical step to the development of a small portable spray foam machine because no matter what happens, it's impossible to build something that is small if you have to find a way to generate a lot of heat. Of course, the large spray foam equipment is designed to heat polyurethane chemicals, but that means that you have to have large generators, compressors, etc. 

Air & Water Filter System

The compressor air filters for portable spray foam machines can be found in two places in your pressured air system: at the air-intake of your air compressor and in the compressed-air piping, between your compressor and your consumers (machines, air tools, etc).We’ll talk about the first type here. There is more information about the second type here. Air intake filters protect the compressor from any dust and dirt which it might suck in. The intake-air filter is the most important filter on your compressor! Dust is the number 1 enemy of your compressor: it will cause wear to the compressor element, valves and other parts. It will save also your compressors oil, oil separator, oil filters and all other moving parts.

Why Use Low Pressure?

Because of the characteristics of low pressure SPF, there are many areas where applying low pressure applications has many benefits over applying high pressure applications. Some of those benefits included:

  • Faster re-entry time
  • Reduction of up to 80% in over spray
  • Simple & Flexible Equipment
  • Reduced noise and power consumption
  • Less equipment required

Faster Re-Entry Times

Because of the low pressure static mix that occurs during the application of Low pressure materials, atomization does not occur and VOC’s do not saturate the air; like they do during the application using high pressure systems. This allows occupants to re-enter the structure only one hour after the spray application has occurred. Also due to the low pressure static mix and no atomization, installers can wear PPE (personal protective equipment) that consists of organic vapor acid gas respirator cartridges.  No fresh air pump is required like during the application of High pressure spray foam.

Simple & Mobile Equipment

The Spray Foam Hybrid's preheating and exact 1:1 ratio proportioning air pneumatic pump can easily be used as a portable system or as a mobile spray rig. The spray foam system requires less spray foam equipment to be used and it's small, compact size allows the unit to be put onto mobile cards, skids or into smaller vehicles such as a pick up truck or van. 

Reduced Noise and Power

No more extremely loud, diesel, spray foam generators when working with the Spray Pod Hybrid system. Less power is required to run the spray system, allowing the applicator to use a much smaller generator or shore power and reduce the noised produced. 

Lower Pressure & Temperatures

Low pressure spray foam application will allow for a reduction of up to 80% in over spray during the application process compared to high pressure spray applications. The process temperature is also lower than high pressure formulations which makes applying low pressure spray formulation in colder climates ideal.